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Division United is a project to come up with transportation and development improvements that benefit the people of South Division Avenue.



  • Housing stays affordable.

  • Jobs are accessible by bus, biking and walking.

  • Businesses flourish.

Help us plant the seeds to make South Division Thrive.

South Division Avenue is ready to grow. As it does, we want to ensure our recovery is strong. Our commitment is to find the tools to make sure the community comes first as growth and recovery happen.


This is citizen-driven project, and there is a seat at the table for everyone. Participation from all members of the community is critical in creating the best plan for the people, neighborhoods, and businesses of South Division.


No one knows your neighborhood better than you do. So far, we have learned that keeping your diversity and values intact is a priority as growth happens. We want to make sure this is part of the future growth of this unique community.


The area of South Division we’re planning for is a close walk to the Silver Line bus. The Silver Line is a unique asset for connecting residents, businesses and students along South Division. There are many bus stops between 60th Street and Wealthy Street.



Lecture Recording

Recorded On:

November 19, 2020: 6:30 - 8:30p EST

Virtual Format: Zoom

Grand Rapids, Wyoming & Kentwood, MI Lecture by the Incremental Development Alliance with Monte Andersen on November 19, 2020.

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People Live in South Division Project Area.
Businesses Operating in the Project Area.
Jobs in the Area
Only 1,100 live and work within the project area.
Silver Line Bus Stops
Miles on
High Schools
Bus Routes
Silver Line & Route #1
Inclusive Transportation Provider


Do you live in Kentwood, Wyoming or Grand Rapids?

If so, we want your thoughts on how to build the best possible community along South Division Avenue. Let’s come together to create a plan for how our neighborhood will grow and do our best, with the tools we have, to make that vision a reality.

Nicole Hofert



Are you a resident or have a business interest on South Division Avenue?

We will need you to join our mailing list so we can involve you. We will also host chats and meetings (virtually or with social distance) to give you a chance to share your feedback.

Why is The Rapid involved?

The Rapid has an interest in growing jobs and housing in areas well-served by the bus. South Division Avenue is one of those locations. Goals and eventual results go way beyond public transportation to make sure we are creating a safe and connected place. With safety and strong connections, we hope that neighborhoods and businesses thrive.

What does the project involve?

Besides data, the project has an engagement team working in the community. The team will talk to neighbors, businesses, and other interested parties to make sure final project recommendations match the community’s wants and needs.

What will the end result be?

We can’t promise that displacement won’t happen. We cannot promise that we have acceptable growth. We can promise a robust set of tools, such as policies and programs, that each community can put in place in their own way to reflect the community’s vision.

How long will the project last?

The project is taking place over the course of a year and involves the collection of a variety of data to identify opportunities and shape policy recommendations for Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. The project began in December of 2019. It will end in early 2021.

Who participates?

The project is a partnership between Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Wyoming, and The Rapid, and is being led by a diverse steering committee that represents neighbors, businesses, and other important local organizations.

How will we do this?

We will bring the communities along South Division together to create a shared vision by:

  • Focusing on local voices and public input to make sure economic development doesn’t displace existing businesses and residents with robust policies and programs.
  • Building on current and previous community planning efforts to align tools and strategies to put in place what neighbors, businesses, and visitors would like to see on South Division.
  • Working with developers and policymakers to create opportunities for new businesses, housing, and other conveniences to make Division a more attractive place to live, work, and play.

What is the purpose of Division United?

The purpose is to plan and suggest projects that will grow economic opportunity. We also hope to encourage investment along Division Avenue from downtown Grand Rapids to 60th Street.

  • For business-owners, this can mean more customers and exposure for your industry
  • For residents, this can mean more access to shops and jobs
  • For people wanting to invest in new development, this can mean quicker and easier permitting
  • And for anyone interested in healthy communities, this can mean more places to walk, bike and relax.


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